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Monday, April 18, 2005

Common Locale Data Repository

The Common Locale Data Repository project was createis to provide a general XML format for the exchange of locale information for use in application and system development, and to gather, store, and make available a common set of locale data generated in that format.

Its a project by the Unicode consortia.

I added a comment to a bug there regarding the Konkani language [see reply 7].

A few Additions regarding Konkani -

Currently Only India is listed as the region where Konkani
is spoken. Konkani is spoken in Kenya too.

Currently the script for Konkani is listed as Devanagari.
Its written in three different scripts (in India) - based
on the region - Devanagari, Kannada & Latin. Not sure of
the script used in Kenya.

<language type="kok" scripts="Deva Knda Latn" territories="IN KE">

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mentioned in List

Today I realized that this blog was mentioned in the Mangalorean Catholics group - it went in as a Special Notice from Salu Soz on Sep 9th, 2004.

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