Thursday, June 24, 2004

Another perspective on the group

Norman R. Lobo brought up an interesting perspective on the group -

Salusoz started a yahoogroup "Manglorean-Catholics" and invited every one who considers himself to be a Mangloean-Catholic "in spirit" to join on his or her own free will.

Asking him to change the name of the group to include people who do not consider themselves Manglorean-Catholics "in spirit" is totally unaceptable. If you are invited to a party, you can either accept the invitation or polietly decline the invitation. You cannot tell your host who to invite or not invite to suit you. It is his yahoogroup and so it is up to him whom to include or exclude.

This is different than the way other internet groups function - at least the technical ones. For instance, Len is the moderator for the XML-Dev group, but members of this group feel no pangs of guilt on telling what should be allowed in the group. Its seen more as a community property - not as an individual inviting people at his/her home, but as a club party.

Before you misinterpret me, I concur with what Norman has stated and feel full confidence in salusoz as the moderator of the group. Without a moderator, the group will not have a proper direction and may soon disintegrate.

Another example would be a more culture oriented group. I am a member of India-L and don't remember any instance in which people told the moderators - currently John and earlier Cathy/Ian - how to run the group.

Lets leave the direction of the group to salusoz, since he's the one who had the idea of starting the group, he began the group and through networking grew it to its current proportion - in less than a month - as of today there are 424 members. This is phenomenal!!


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